Passover in Church

A parish church in Ely diocese advertised that today, Maundy (Holy) Thursday they would be holding a Passover meal in Church. The parish magazine I was shown contains a detailed description of the Jewish passover and how this would be copied, and form the worship at the church.

I find this uncomfortable. I wouldn’t feel at ease with non Christians holding a mock Eucharist.

Jewish people have their own faith traditions in which the Passover plays a large part. Christian people have different traditions – and in particular we have the meal which Jesus Christ commanded us to do the evening before Good Friday.

In this generation when we are being more sensitive to world faiths among us the time has surely come to discourage ‘Passover’ meals being held in churches, – they are for Jewish homes.


4 Responses to “Passover in Church”

  1. mumcat Says:

    I cringe when I hear of churches holding “Seders”. I wonder how those churches would feel if the synagogues started holding “Eucharists”?

  2. Paul Preston Says:

    I disagree. Remember that Jesus went up for the Pasover meal, that Easter is linked to the Passover. At passover, the blood of the lamb was put up on the door post for judgement to “passover”. This was a “type” and a glimpse of the redeptive work of Jesus. Passover is part of Easter, Easter comes from Passover. Christianity is substantially Jewish – please do not think other faiths are so upset by us. We have much to learn about Christianity from looking at Jewish rites. It is n ot mocking – Jesus went to Passover, are you saying Jesus was not a Christian? There is no reason for unfulfiulled Jews who do not believe Jesus was their Messiah to hold a Eucharist.

  3. Tiffer Says:

    I agree with Paul – Christianity is Jewish, through and through, no one can deny that. The two have not seperated off – that is the view that has occasionally been taken by anti-semite Christians and used to justify the forced conversions/persecution of Jewish people. The reformation has done much to split the two also, and this is not good. Every time we celebrate the eucharist we are celebrating passover with Jesus, and a fuller understanding of what that maunday thursday meal was about can only be a good thing.

  4. Robt Zacher Says:

    Passover seders have been done for generations now in parishes all across The Episcopal Church. It is quite common in the USA to find a seder meal celebrated by Christians near or during Holy Week

    It’s interesting to me that you might find the custom of Passoover seders unusual as well as disagreeable. Did you know that seders are commonly celebrated by interest groups outside of the home?

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