Canon Christine Sindall

Canon Christine Sindall is retiring. The Cambridge Evening news has details of the retirement.

Originally from West London Christine Sindall came to Cambridgeshire in 1969. She had felt a call to ministry at an early age – 13 years old. In 1987 she became one of the first women deacons in the Church of England. After working in Cambridge she became Vicar of Cheveley, from where she has recently retired after eleven years of faithful ministry. She has also been a careful and respected Rural Dean in the slightly remote Linton deanery. She has been appreciated for her role as Bishop’s Adviser in Women’s Ministry.

Canon Sindall worked in a difficult period for women priests – when many needed to be persuaded about the appropriateness of women priests. In rural Cambridgeshire the issue was never a theological one, but rather about accommodating change in a traditional millieu. Through her love of parochial pastoral ministry and her dedication to her work Canon Sindall convinced many of the value of ordaining women as priests.

Undoubtedly some militant campaigners were needed to further the cause of women’s ministry in the early days, but at the same time what was also needed was women priests of prayer and dedicated pastoral care. Canon Sindall was one of the these and her solid faithful ministry will be missed in Ely Diocese. I hope she, and Dennis, enjoy their retirement in the north of England, they will now have more time for gardening and reading.



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