Bishop Inge

Bishop John Inge, currently Bishop of Huntingdon is to be the new Bishop of Worcester.

The appointment brings to Worcester a relatively young Diocesan Bishop. Worcester Cathedral has also had recently appointed to it a relatively young Dean. Such appointments inevitably raise questions. How long will the people be there? Bishop Inge could hold this appointment for 18 years.

Bishop Inge’s career in the Church of England is slightly unusual. He is not a graduate of Oxford or Cambridge, and so will be in a minority among the diocesan bishops. He did not serve traditional curacies – being instead chaplains at private schools. His experience in parishes has been short (six years in one parish).

Bishop Inge will be a bishop who will be prepared to work in a team, and who will listen to the advice of others. His international interests will bring much to Worcester, and he will now have a larger platform to speak of injustice in our world. Bishop Inge is familiar with the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, while also supporting the evangelical wing.

Ely will now await the appointment of a new suffragan. In recent years the suffragans in Ely have varied in their gifts and this is to be welcomed. Bishop Gordon Roe was a popular, friendly and holy man. Bishop John Flack had deep pastoral experience and clear presence. Together with Bishop Inge they held a more Catholic than Evangelical position.

Perhaps the time has now come for a modern evangelical to be appointed to be Bishop of Huntingdon – someone with wide parish experience, and who can take some of the establisment aspects of this role sympathetically but lightly. Appointments to this post have usually been from outside the diocese, and this would be advisable for this next appointment. Perhaps someone who has proven experience of innovative Fresh Expressions of Church could be considered.


One Response to “Bishop Inge”

  1. Robt Zacher Says:

    Good grief! The new dean of Worcester has gray hair and is 54 or 55!

    Yikes! How old do you want them to be at appointment??

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