Carol Services at Ely

The Ely Standard announces the welcome news that this year there will be two Carol Services at the Cathedral, on December 23rd and 24th. This is very encouraging.

Apparently last year the Cathedral had to turn people away because it was full. This has led the authorities to plan two services.

Although a relatively recent innovation in the history of worship carol Services have a popularity comparable to the English public’s love of Harvest Festival. Nowadays Carol Services take many different forms, depending on location and circumstance. A Cathedral Carol service is probably the apex of the formal and traditional form, and has much to commend it.

At the same time in a generation when people are talking of ‘Fresh Expressions’ of worship, and ways in which to engage the unchurched, or those on the fringe, it is to be hoped that some creative thought is given to how the Carol Service adapts to different generation. Also, with so many attending, it is to be hoped that this is also seen as a way to encourage further commitment to worship. A simple invtiation to attend one’s parish church could be included on the order of service. A web reference could help people to find out more about their local church. A dedicated e-mail address could be published for people to comment about the experience of attending, and such comments could be collected for the Dean to consider. The Diocesan mission team could, no doubt, be asked for further suggestions – which would not change the worship but would also help develop christian faith and commitment.

Once again congratulations to Ely Cathedral for their work in drawing people to their worship, and serving the diocese well.


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